About Us


Fitness should be part of our daily routine. It’s the activity that makes the best out us. Being active and fit in today’s world might be challenging. Going to gym and maintaining the membership for years and years requires lots of time of your daily routine. To solve this problem we have bring USA’s Most funded fitness startup “BodyBoss Portable Gym” in India. FrikGuru is India’s only authorized distributor for BodyBoss Portable Gym. BodyBoss is made in such a way that Every exercise you think of can do with a moment of time. And it’s portability is so smooth you can carry it whenever you go. This is the future of Real Potable Gym for Home and Personal use.

And that’s what real fitness should be. A lifelong Activity. Invest in lifelong product not in service.

It's Versatile

Exercise starts out with the best intentions—a gym membership there, a cardio bike there, new gym shoes, and maybe an expensive fitness tracker. But after the initial motivation runs out, the equipment ends up in a closet and the gym membership just eats money.

Cheap Home Portable Gym - Bodyboss 2.0

The cheapest all in one BodyBoss Portable Gym for Home. We wanted to create a product you’ll actually use, over and over again. And we’re not just for fitness junkies: we’re for everyone, from those new to fitness to those who spend most their life on a treadmill. Our approach is kind, empathetic, and encouraging.

Why Choose Us?

Spending thousands of rupees in gym equipment product for homes, stays in the same place. While BodyBoss Portable Gym is the cheapest Portable Home Gym works with you and travel with you wherever you go so your fitness journey won’t stop. Trust us trying out this BodyBoss Portable Gym will make you addicted to it and make your health better and active.

Portable 95%
Cost 90%
Exercise 95%
Worth 80%