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Portable Home Gym Workout 101 - Biceps Workout Tutorial For Home

Portable Home Gym Workout 101 – Biceps Workout Tutorial For Home

So you have just finished first prototype of your startup or you just came home after 9 hours of long working day or just finished your second round of 4 hours long Marvel’s spider man game-play(which is still not enough) or your physiotherapist suggested you to do Workout at home for your muscles improvement, the reasons are infinite to start working out.

So Let’s get back to your regular 5 to 10 Km far from your home gym, your friend called but you know after all this hard work of your daily routine, going again in traffic getting ready changing your cloths and waiting for your biceps workout turn…makes your motivation convince you not to go today.

That why we’re here today showing you your Home Workout exercise of Biceps which actually requires 5 minutes of set up to start and ready your Rap Song album to play.

Let’s get start With 4-5 biceps workout exercise for today.

Note to take : BodyBoss Base has numbering system starting from 1 to 5 on both side. We call them anchor point. We’ll use this anchor point to attach it with Bands for various exercise.

1. Curls

Put your Base on your floor. Get your bands out of your bag. For beginner set, set the band’s settings as follow;

Band Setting : 12 [hook into 1 and pass through 2nd anchor point of base.]

Bicep Workout – Curl

Now do the same on both side of base and attach Handles on both bands.

Time for reps:

  • First Set : 12 X 10 reps
  • Second Set : 13 X 15 reps
  • Final Set : 14 X 15 reps.

You will feel the resistance as you go ahead. According to your height and resistance requirements you can change the band setting starting from 1st anchor point to 2,3,4 and 5th anchor point. The longer the band setting, more the Resistance.

2. Hammer Curl

This exercise also contains the almost same setting only change is remove the Bar and add the handles at the end of Bands. This exercise will stimulate your muscles one by one. We’ll first do reps in right and then left hand.

Band Setting : 12 [Hook into 1 and pass through 2nd anchor point of base].

Bicep Workout – Hammer Curl

Time for reps:

  • First set : 12 X 10 reps
  • Second Set : 13 X 15 reps
  • Final Set : 123 or 14 X 15 reps

3. Barbel Curl

The setting of bands will be same as above only change the band setting to further if you want more Resistance. Such as

Band setting : 15 [Hook into 1 through 5th anchor point of base.]( This will be tough resistance)

Now collect the bar and screw it together and make one single Bar. Attache it to the bands end.

Bicep Workout – Barber Curl

Time for reps:

  • First set : Band setting 13 X 10 reps
  • Second set : Band setting 123 X 15 reps
  • Final set : Band setting 15 X 15 reps

Same practice you can follow for concentration curls, reverse curls and Dumbbell biceps curl.

As you start exploring various setting of BodyBoss Portable Home Gym, you will find it easy to use for any exercise you want to do. And if you want to add more Resistance, let’s say upto 40 to 50 kg you can add extra pair of bands to get high intensity home workout.

BodyBoss Base is capable to carrying around 200 Kg of maximum weight. Plus This bands is capable to giving ultimate level of resistance, so you don’t need to buy those bulky Equipment and fill up your space. Resistance training is always harm free.

Don’t forgot to add your meals plan after workout and before workout for great results. Stay tune for seeing the variety of exercise you can do at home by using BodyBoss Portable Gym. One Family One BodyBoss Portable Home Gym.

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