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Fit India Movement - Home Portable Gym in India

Fit India Movement – How BodyBoss Portable Home Gym in India has Made an Impact

It was February 2018, we were hanging out as a daily routine and discussing about the joining Nearest Gym.

We three musketeers paid for 1 year gym membership as every Indians do. “Cost saving Plan” we thought.

As soon as we started going to gym, our fantasy for making our body fit better than others started to grow. First month spend almost convincing myself to keep going by watching motivation videos convincing friends for not skipping day.

I noticed, as soon as the season keeps on changing in India, our chances of saying No to ourselves increases. “It’s too far”, “he’s not going today”, “I’m late today, Tomorrow for sure”, “he’s improved but I didn’t”, “it’s raining” these were some of the reasons we started to find.

So I thought to dig out some stats, I couldn’t find Indian stats, that’s your homework to do, but in USA, till 2016 almost 67% of the gym membership got unused and that is keeps on increasing.

In 2017, A startup from USA called BodyBoss Portable Home Gym raised and got almost 4 Cr INR funding from Kickstarter and almost 14 Cr INR funding from Indiegogo.

The purpose was simple: Simulate thousands of dollars worth of gym equipment in one concept. A product that takes all the concepts from the gym and combines them into one solution, BRINGING THE GYM TO YOU. The first in its segment.

It’s got all the attraction from around the world and got appreciation for being so versatile to use. The perfect portable home gym equipment.

The best part is you just need to be motivated to workout, rest this BodyBoss Portable Gym will provide. Every possible exercise needed to stay fit and healthy anyone can do with this Home gym.

That’s why we FrikGuru bring this product in India to solve the problem of fitness and wastage of gym membership. We don’t have such true home portable gym for Indian users, and there is nothing better than BodyBoss Portable Gym.

It is the real definition of Portable since you can carry it with you wherever you go. It will not only stay in your room. A true fitness partner.

After India’s PM Shree Narendra Modi‘s initiative for “Fit India Movement “, we want to be the best contributor for making India fit again. Let’s skip the reasons of not going to gym and become responsible Portable Home Gym Owner and start your fitness routine as a part of your loving activity.

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