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How to keep exercising during Quarantine and Best Home Gym Kit for Home?

Hello Folks, How is your quarantine period going on? Must be enjoying, Yes? What else can we do apart from enjoying being at home to save our country from spreading more COVID-19.

Wandering being always humans nature, we cannot stop ourselves for going outside for any single reason. In this tough situation, we should find some interesting things to do to cover up this time.

Talking about interesting things, What can be best time for being fit and come in shape than in this situation. We always were starving for time for exercise being a working Person.

Believe it or not, as far as this COVID-19 situation is going on and we all are in quarantine situation. It would not be a better idea to hit the gym the next day we get relief. Just to give you a background, The same pandemic known as “Spanish Flu” happened in 1918 around the world for almost 2 years with more than 15 to 17 million people have lost their lives only in India. Any Crowded place including Gym would not be a smart idea to go after lockdown lifted until we get solid vaccine for COVID-19.

What solution we have bring to the society is called “BodyBoss 2.0“, a USA based startup which was funded from A platform called “IndieGoGo“. It is till today the most funded Fitness start-up in the world. Why it has gain so traction?

Let’s see with below example of BodyBoss and how to use it as Home Gym( A Portable Home Gym).

  • BodyBoss 2.0’s patented base is designed to withstand 250Kg of weight. So without any second thought you can stand on the base and get ready for any muscles exercise of your wish
  • Majority of the problems we find with doing exercises at home is to set everything up and put it back after we done with exercise. In case of BodyBoss 2.0 it just need less than 5 minute to set up and start doing Biceps, Triceps or Shoulder workout.
  • Home is where all the entertainment is, so obviously getting ready for Exercise takes a lots of courage. But BodyBoss will take care of everything when it comes in your hand.
  • we have provided Video series on YouTube and PDF’s for beginners to start doing the exercise the day they get it.
  • Till now, you may have never found a perfect “Portable Home Gym Kit” for home. Since what was available in the market was always in bits and pieces.
  • Resistance Bands is the new and old solution in the market to lift heavy weight. It provides flexibility and comes with less chance of injuries compare to dead weight lifting.
  • But Resistance Bands has some limitations, since to get more weight out of Bands, you have to take reference of your legs or some other elements to get more weight out of it.
  • What BodyBoss has does it by providing Base designed with “Anchor Hooks”, it holds the resistance bands with different resistance settings so you can generate more weight from the same Resistance Bands.
  • BodyBoss Resistance Bands can provide weight upto 20Kg each with maximum resistance settings. Attaching total 4 Bands on each side of BodyBoss base can give you as heavy as 80 to 90 kg of dead-lift.
  • The possibilities are endless with This perfect Portable Home Gym Kit, when you get your hands on it.
  • Your new Truly permanent partner of Home Gym is waiting for you to get it.

Get it, Try it and Be fit with BodyBoss 2.0 in this quarantine period of COVID-19.

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