BODYBOSS 2.0 Resistance Bands
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BODYBOSS 2.0 Resistance Bands

3,499.00 1,768.82


It’s easy to increase the difficulty of your workout by simply adding in an extra set of Boss Bands. Choose from 1 bright green color options & shred fat quicker! Each band adds up to 15Kg of resistance! The BossBands are made with protective covering to help prevent wear and tear.

  1. High Quality: resistance bands by BodyBoss Specifically for the BodyBoss Portable Gym
  2. Protective Cloth Covering: no fears or worries of the bands snapping with our protective cloth covering CUSTOM DESIGN 32 inches in length to be able to accommodate all body types and heights
  3. Total Body Resistance: work your entire core and every major muscle group by incorporating BodyBoss resistance bands into your workout.
  4. What’s Included: Two cloth covered, custom made bands. These bands are made for the BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 as an add on. You can use these for other fitness activities but will be 32 inches and will need to clip both together without the adjustable resistance platform
(15 customer reviews)


[gymedge-vc-title title=”DESIGNED TO BE SAFE & DURABLE” subtitle=””]

Supportive Foot Pads

Soft foot pads are comfortable to stand on, protecting your joints from unnecessary wear.

Soft Scrunchy Cable

Non-latex scrunchy cable covers prevent rubbing against your skin and hair.

Strong Heavy-Duty Metals

By using premium metals, each cable anchor point can withstand over 500 lbs. of force.

Light Weight Grips

Light Weight Grips prevent the hand from moving easily and do perfect exercise from any damage.


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Whether you’re training for your next adventure, a marathon, or just getting through the afternoon, BodyBoss 2.0 resistance bands provide a healthy and safe alternative to heavy weights.

It’s an innovative way to burn fat, build muscle, and increase energy while being safe on your joints. It’s perfect for everyone of any height and any size.

15 reviews for BODYBOSS 2.0 Resistance Bands

  1. CScott

    The Body Boss 2.0 and these Bands for it is absolutely the best resistance home gym I’ve ever had!

  2. Jose R Rodriguez

    I bought extra band for my workout boss
    And I am happy with it

  3. captain

    Arrived on time and was what I expected. Still think the bands are overpriced.

  4. Jesse M.

    So far pretty durable. Seems to have more tension then one that comes with the body boss 2.0. So down side of that is it is kind of hard to even out the tension. Other then that hang popped her.

  5. Rahul Mohan

    Use 2 sets of bands and the bar every day, good resistance

  6. Paul L Roberts

    Great workout tool

  7. Ketan Kesav

    Works great

  8. Tabish Ali

    I like the versatility of this. It will be a great addition to my cardio

  9. Karan Singh Rajput

    Really enjoying how flexible it is – several family members at various fitness levels can all use it. It’s easy to set up and use, and I’m getting a really good workout!

  10. Jaydev Patel

    Great Product
    Works just as it should. Thank you!

  11. Nikarsh J.

    Execellent service and correspondence

  12. Nitin kumar

    You’re gonna love it!

  13. Tanmay Sharma

    Great concept
    Probably the best platform-bands combo I have come across

  14. ragi srinivas

    Amazing product!
    Great product!
    Great company!

  15. Deep raj

    Great Product
    Simple to use and effective! Loving it so far.

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