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Home Quarantine : Shoulder Workout For Home During and After Pandemic

So you’re chilling out at home and being the best possible version of corona contributor ( warrior ).Right? Everybody around the world is kind of enjoying or frustrating during this Pandemic, admit it that it’s not in our hand anymore but only we can do is making ourselves and our families safe and follow some […]

Portable Home Gym Workout 101 - Biceps Workout Tutorial For Home

Portable Home Gym Workout 101 – Biceps Workout Tutorial For Home

So you have just finished first prototype of your startup or you just came home after 9 hours of long working day or just finished your second round of 4 hours long Marvel’s spider man game-play(which is still not enough) or your physiotherapist suggested you to do Workout at home for your muscles improvement, the […]


An Introduction Guide to BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Home Gym in India

“Making excuses burns zero calories per hour.” —Someone Smarter than me. Sometimes the reasons are much more reasonable to consider. Staying healthy and fit requires your daily 20-30 minute but when do we allocate that time? Going to the gym everyday takes: 10 to 30 minutes of travelling and returning buying those ‘have to to […]